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Town of Pacolet has short supply of transparency

Having grown up in Pacolet, and attending public school there from grades 1-10, I still have quite an interest in keeping up with what’s happening there these days.
I try to keep up with the Town Council meetings via YouTube, and regularly read the Facebook pages, which entail the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I would like to attend the meetings but my health will not allow such, so I have to research for a lot of info because so much is not discussed in all the minutes and such.

It’s uplifting to see some of the younger generation doing so many great things for the Town of Pacolet, elected and non-elected.  There are also many unheralded volunteers that go about quietly, making Pacolet a  better place.  It’s a thankless job much of the time, with so much bickering and sniping taking place.

It’s also very telling to see some of the elected members calling citizens names and belittling them publicly.  It’s nasty, it’s caustic, and it makes one very unlikable.  An elected official must be willing to admit when they are wrong and do so publicly.

I asked a question on the Pacolet Complains  FB page:

How is the new nonprofit group recently created for the town doing? Is there a lot of support?

It’s a legitimate question because the nonprofit has been created.  According to the South Carolina Secretary of State documents, the documents are legit.

Board of Directors:

For those who aren’t aware of this nonprofit, Pacolet Thread, documentation is posted below.

<a href=”https://palmettostandard.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Pacolet-Thread-Business-Entities-Online-S.C.-Secretary-of-State-receipt.pdf” target=”_blank”>Link</a>

I was looking at the minutes from 11-03-2023 and a couple of things piqued my interest.

The first one was:


Now, I close with the same question that was posted on the FB Page:

How is the new nonprofit group recently created for the town doing? Is there a lot of support?

Or, were/are you aware of it?