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In Memoriam –

by SAN – Hal Trammell | Monday, Sep 15, 2014 | 60 views

Shelby, NC — I had the pleasure of getting to see and listen to the Funniest Man in America, James Gregory. He was at the Don Gibson Theatre Saturday night, and he entertained a packed house. It’s the third time I’ve had the pleasure to attend an event where he performed, and he did not disappoint. The man was genuinely funny, while simultaneously extremely honest as he shared ideas as to why certain things are happening today. Many Americans agree with what James Gregory had to say, and the roar of approval was the evidence. For various reasons, the man said what many people are hesitant to say.

Even though the content of his message was humorous, there was no doubt that the truth was being laid bare. It was as if he were “holding court” among old friends, and they were eager to hear all that he had to say to them.

From obesity to McDonald’s, from real butter vs a butter spray, from vegetarians to non-vegetarians, he pretty much covered it all. The 90 minutes passed too quickly. It’s a rare treat to hear the sad truth and find the humor in it, while at the same time, shaking your head in disbelief, and maybe asking yourself what happened to us, and how did we allow our country to get this way?

Gregory not only presented the basis of his humorous stories, but has a rich background of facts, figures, and a history of his subjects. He is not just another comedian trying to be funny. He is a patriot who happens to be the Funniest Man in America. Don’t believe all that stuff about he hates to fly. I’m not saying that’s not true, but go check out his website, research some of the things James Gregory has done for the troops, the flights he has made, and the places he has gone, to give these fine people who are serving our country, a few minutes to catch their breath, and share a laugh or two.

It was fun to witness the people around me bursting with laughter, and then mumble something about “he’s telling the truth”. It would be impossible to come away from one of his shows and try to convince someone that it was not an enjoyable event. I particularly have always enjoyed the facial expressions that accompany his stories. The roll of his eyes, the goofy smile, the shrug of his shoulders, and his eyes squeezed together, are a sure sign that he’s having as much fun as we are. To me, that is priceless.

I don’t usually write about things like this, but after reflecting on the night, and sharing some of the things he talked about with friends who didn’t make it to the event, assures me that what I have written above, is right on the money. If you haven’t been to a James Gregory Show, you should put that on your list of things to do. Check him out. Be prepared to laugh…a lot. And be prepared to be amazed at the knowledge of Americana, that this man possesses. I would say he’s a treasure.

Final note…guys, and gals…if you are married, dating, or have a good friend whose company you enjoy, share a James Gregory Show. You’ll be surprised what a night of laughing together can bring. Laughter has a wonderful healing power all its own.

Thank you, James Gregory. Hope to see you again soon.


I received these emails that evening from James’ manager:(again on the 17th)