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It looks like that Ultimate Concerts and Napoleon Brewer have “caught their second wind” and are gearing up for another push into Cleveland County on June 2, 2009. The company will be hosting a job fair for those interested in becoming concert promoters, booking agents, web programmers, paralegals, and various other exciting careers.

Brewer has stated that he has office space rented in Charlotte, but the Shelby location has not been confirmed. Also, a deal/partnership with Discover (card) has not been confirmed, as of this writing.

What really impresses me is that Ultimate Concerts has now graduated to using Twitter to communicate with potential employees. Their myspace page is still available, even though their original ultimateconcerts.com is being revamped, according to Mr. Brewer. I guess there is a lot of work to do and many people to put in place if this project intends to employ 3000 people and reap possibly $900 million per year. Oh, and produce and promote those 8000 concerts. By the way, has Mr. Brewer noticed that our economy isn’t exactly bustling along with herds of people having money to spend for concert tickets to see and hear virtually unknowns?

Allow me to repeat something from an older article relating to this same topic. Mr. Brewer, on your myspace site, you have a news release, posted on November 2, 2007, that says you will have created ten thousand (10,000) jobs in the Detroit area by the end of the first quarter of 2008. Could you tell us how that worked out? Proof, you say? Sure thing. And don’t worry, I have a snapshot of the page so that it doesn’t slip down the old memory hole.

Below is the snapshot.

Nov 2, 2007
Consumers will pay less to attend concerts with this product.

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November 1, 2007

For immediate release..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

Contact Napoleon S Brewer Sr 907 947-3530

E mail corpofc@ultimateconcerts.com

Effective; November 1, 2007 millions of concertgoers can start saving up to 80% on ticket purchases. Ultimate Concerts, Inc will produce over a thousand concerts, stage plays, and other special events throughout the United States each year. February 2008 entrepreneurs Napoleon and Laterrance Brewer created Brewer Investment Group Inc here in Anchorage. Brewer Investment Group, Inc will act as Financial and Managing overseer of Ultimate Concerts, Inc and its dot com entities

Ultimate Concerts, Inc, was founded in 2003 by songwriter, concert promoter and business visionary Napoleon S Brewer Sr. It was in 1988, that he decided to create a way that fans could see more concerts without having to stand in long lines or camp out just to get good seats. He wanted more convenient ways to experience what he personally enjoyed “live music” by all of his favorite artists, which he has many of still to this day.

After days of thinking, suddenly he thought “what if” and the idea emerged then the research commenced. The Texas native was no stranger to neither credit nor financial challenges, “What if” there was a service that fans could utilize to get access to any concert event of their choice regardless of their credit eligibility or lack thereof, “charge by phone” was an excellent and convenient way to reserve tickets, but the true fan would most likely lose out due to waiting for payday, bad seats, sold-out events, scalper’s prices or in this case miss out altogether.

In pursuit of his quest, he came up with what we refer to as the “Fan Loyalty Project” or (FLP) “what if” we put the fan first? Why not let the fans tell us who they’d like to see in concert, shucks why not let them even tell us when they’d like to see them, assuring a more successful event. Using the industry’s old clich√© “back by popular demand” we can produce endless winning events. It’s about giving the people what they want. Ultimate Concerts, Inc is a well diverse event specialty company that bars no genres, if it has a fan base then we’ll produce it, be it Alternative, Blues, Country, Disco, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin, Rock, R&B or Soul; we do them all. With the (FLP) comes a very special product, appropriately called the Super Concert Access Card– a membership card designed with a unique 16-digit account number assigned exclusively to each cardholder. It is perfectly shaped, feels, and looks like a credit card, however it is not, but it sure does come packed with perks. Fans can make special requests via email at myfav@ultimateconcerts.com plus get up to 20% cash back after dining at participating restaurants, the card was designed with the consumer in mind.

The Super Concert Access Card — enables members to browse and reserve seats for upcoming events anywhere in the United States. Members will have no worries about tickets they are conveniently built-In This card is neither a credit nor debit card so it includes no interest rates, no credit checks, and most importantly eliminates high-ticket prices.

Getting the Super Concert Access Card– is simple, fast, and convenient perspective members just log on to www.ultimateconcerts.com call 1 877 870 7740 or our Mall location here in Anchorage

This unique card was created to make the ticket buying experience easy, convenient, and hassle-free while eliminating scalper’s prices, long lines, and loss of revenue.

Ultimate Concerts, Inc will provide hundreds of new career opportunities, with offices on the East and West Coast, an Executive office on the Central Coast, and distribution & marketing centers in the Mid-West to include Wichita, Kansas as well as a Multi-Purpose call center in Shreveport/Bossier and Monroe Louisiana in addition to a full-service entertainment industry training facility in Detroit, Michigan

Our company estimates that each of the facilities should be open and fully operational by the end of the first quarter of 2008. The Mid-West location will employ over five hundred people; facilities in Louisiana will employ about two hundred and fifty operators and customer service personnel. Our goal is to train and employ ten thousand people in the Detroit metropolitan area commencing mid-January 2008. We’re in the process of making plans to meet with City and State officials in mid-November to present and discuss our proposal, we are optimistic that the City of Detroit will welcome the idea.

Available career positions will include associate and executive promoters, film and video producers, IT and software designers, sound and recording engineers, talent managers, booking agents, graphic layout specialists, website designers, database programmers, media market analysis, account executives, payroll, account payable and receivable, product and service quality control personnel.

Most all openings are entry-level positions and paid training will be provided. A complete description and qualifying requirements may be obtained by all applicants shortly after submitting a resume to us at the following e-mail address careers@ultimateconcerts.com

With the Fan Loyalty Project, we expect to see concertgoers’ attendance increase from 2.2 to 4 times per year on average. Through 20 years of research studies now show that the Super Concert Access Card — is a viable product. We’re taking a direct approach that is destined to have a voice in providing much needed solutions to an age-old problem. As an industry executive, I believe that I speak for us all saying, enough is too much. We will no longer tolerate ticket scalpers. We’re bringing a new consumer product to the market. Experts suggest that we should make a soft shoe entrance and catch the scalpers by surprise. I must send a loud and clear message that they’ll soon be out of business, but should they decide to respect the business and show a legitimate interest in working legally within this field, then perhaps we can offer them a career opportunity.

Now, Mr. Brewer, if you would be so kind to let the people know about all these jobs that were promised previously, in different parts of the country, and how well everything is going, we’d be much more apt to take you at your word. Unfortunately, all we have at this point is Ultimate Change in Plans. Honestly, we the people, wouldn’t have so much doubt, if there weren’t so many things to doubt. And that’s the Ultimate Truth.