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Napoleon Brewer, founder of Ultimate Concerts, Inc. told Cable33 that there was/is a racial bias against him. GONG. The sound you just heard, Brewer, was another hollow sound in your own mind. No one cares what color you are. We’re merely looking at your track record, and track records have no color. Allow me to present just one example, taking your own words, on your own website, regarding your own company, and your own plans.

Ultimate Concerts, Inc will provide hundreds of new career opportunities, with offices on the East and West Coast, an Executive office on the Central Coast and distribution & marketing centers in the Mid-West to include Wichita, Kansas as well as a Multi-Purpose call center in Shreveport/Bossier and Monroe Louisiana in addition to a full service entertainment industry training facility in Detroit, Michigan

Our company estimates that each of the facilities should be open and fully operational by the end of the first quarter of 2008. The Mid-West location will employ over five hundred people; facilities in Louisiana will employ about two hundred and fifty operators and customer service personnel. Our goal is to train and employ ten thousand people in the Detroit metropolitan area commencing mid January 2008. We’re in the process of making plans to meet with City and State officials in mid November to present and discuss our proposal, we are optimistic that the City of Detroit will welcome the idea.

Available career positions will include associate and executive promoters, film and video producers, IT and software designers, sound and recording engineers, talent managers, booking agents, graphic layout specialist, web site designers, data base programmers, media market analysis, account executives, payroll, account payable and receivable, product and service quality control personnel.

Okay, how’s it going with those Executive offices, distribution and marketing centers, and training facilities on the East and West Coast, Central Coast, along with those 10 thousand jobs in Detroit? How about those 250 operators and service personnel in Louisiana? Oh yea, how about the jobs you brought to Wichita, Kansas, and were fully operational by the end of the first quarter of 2008?

That seems to be enough for now, so we’ll wait until we hear the great success stories about how well all the above turned out…or maybe how those cities were also guilty of having a racial bias towards you. Until then, I’d like to offer a little piece of advice…when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.