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Early this morning, Napoleon S. Brewer, stated he was staying. Now, he says it’s a no-go.

I’m sure the reason he’s pulling out of Shelby has nothing to do with the report from the Shelby Star this evening. The Attorney General’s Office in N.C. stated that Mr. Brewer and his company were being checked out, according to Star reporter, Olivia Neely.

Earlier today, on the Morning News via Cable33, reporter Nicholas Bissett interviewed Napoleon Brewer, who claimed everything was still set, regarding the jobs and the call center.

Now, WBTV in Charlotte has added some more interesting information to the story, and like others, has not heard back from Mr. Brewer.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the story unfolds in the days, maybe even weeks ahead. I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Star, Cable33, and WBTV for all their hard work in bringing this situation to the public. Also, I would like to extend a hat tip and a huge thank you to Kirsten Bolton and Jeff Glaser, of Anchorage, Alaska for their kindness and help. As I’ve stated from the beginning, if these jobs were legitimate, I would lead the parade and go before the County Commissioners personally and ask for a building and several years of rent in order that some of our fine people would have a workplace. As it stands now, Mr. Brewer possibly has done the best thing by giving up on this and leaving town.