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To quote  Supreme Court Justice John Kittredge:

“Each week, members of the judiciary receive a report of all the ethical violations of judges around the country, and regrettably, it’s a pretty long list,” Kittredge said at the Nov. 7 hearing, the first of two public meetings held so far by the committee.

“But what you don’t see on that long list for every other state in the country,” Kittredge, 67, of Greenville, continued, “is you don’t see reports of South Carolina judges being reprimanded, being sanctioned, being removed.”

And he is correct.  Because none are ever handed down.  The lawyer/legislators write the laws and the laws are beneficial to those who write them.  There are many ethical issues, but they are not addressed nor acknowledged, because that would be admitting to wrongdoing.

Fine.  Let’s look at only 1 issue, which happens to be compounded many times, with only 1 defendant and quite a few victims.  And we’ll look at the lawyers and judges who have made it possible by their hand-picked selections that are predetermined with hand-picked results.

The defendant was/is Bowen Turner, a 21-year-old fortunate son, residing in Orangeburg, S.C.

Bowen has been a regular contributor to the crime community and the courtrooms around the area.  He’s also been judged and represented by some of the high-roller legislators, who can pretty much control a court calendar, the judges, the defendant, and the outcome.  They make the rules and they set their fees.  The more trouble the defendant is in, and the more lenient sentence the legislator/lawyer can persuade the judge, then the lawyer/legislator can command a higher fee.  The judge will be in good standing and appear another day.  Rinse and repeat.

Oh how wonderful, this Ruse of Law!

It’s time for the people of South Carolina to bring these unrepentant, self-serving lawyers/legislators to justice, by sending them home.  This isn’t about social justice.  Social justice, as defined today is one-sided.  It’s time for real justice, that punishes the criminal.  No more picking judges, picking pockets, and picking outcomes.  Vote them out.  We cannot allow the same people who created the problem, abuse the problem, and benefit from the problem, to fix the problem.  The problem can only be solved via the ballot box!

Below, are some videos from some sources that have covered this issue.  Particularly, FitsNews, as they have been at the forefront in exposing this story.

Victim’s family speaks out