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After watching, reading, and listening to some of the maligned rhetoric coming from this Parrot Caucus, whose members have claimed to be conservative, is worthy of an Oscar.  More so, to observe their “screening committee” when choosing the new judges is a prime production.

We’re nominating SC Rep. Micah Casey (R-Dist 89) and SC Rep. Gil Gatch (R-Dist 94) as the first inductees into the Parrot Caucus.  As difficult as it was to narrow the initial inductees down to two people, who can deny that the choices here are well deserved?

The Parrot Caucus spouts the party lines and talking points, except it’s the opposition party.  Anything that is attributed to the Freedom Caucus, this Parrot Caucus will appear and begin bashing the ideas and dialogue, along with their liberal allies.

Sure, from time to time, they’ll vote on the right side of legislation, but it’s usually designed to enrich themselves rather than doing so because of principles.  To be principled is not a prerequisite to being inducted into the Parrot Caucus.  These politicians seem to forget that being unprincipled breeds inconsistency, which causes one to undermine oneself.

Let’s look at some of the rhetoric from these folks: