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Partners are everywhere. Let’s look at District 7 – Spartanburg

In the first report, we shared with you the initial document that brought attention to District 6 Dorman High School.

In Part 1 of a series that we’re doing, was a look into what will be revealed in the upcoming series. The entities, the locations, the support, the IRS Form 990s, etc. We’ll tie it all together.

In Part 2 of the series, there is documentation of several already established entities that are part of this LGBTQ agenda that is involved in our school systems.

We found that Spartanburg School District 7, has some interesting information, and you can see it on the Our Partners page. From San Francisco to Fernwood Dr.

Guided by our mission to inspire and equip our students for meaningful lives of leadership and service, we continue to build strong partnerships both locally and further afield. Thanks to the support of a broad array of non-profit and civic organizations in the Upstate, we’re tapping into exciting grant opportunities, mentoring initiatives and collaborative programs. We know it takes a village to raise a healthy child and our relationships with these partners is a critical component of the work that we do.

Partners aplenty.

It seems that every site I find regarding the LGBTQ agenda is also attached to the mental health of these individuals. And the government is investing heavily. Actually, it has turned into a big business and quite a commodity. It’s a nasty business and has pushed the nation into a state of turmoil

HopeLab is a partner with Spartanburg School District 7. CenterLink and Uplift Research Center are partners of HopeLab.

HopeLab also offers very “diverse” gaming selections for these new fans. There is quite an array of choices now, and in the past few years, more institutions have come on board to cater to this culture. This DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) has infiltrated every segment of society, and the media and the government portray this as the norm.

It is not!

But there’s more!

All the partners for the CenterLink entity can be found here.

There are those, such as The Johnson Family Foundation who has begun to implement a Social Justice program , along with the LGBTQ programs.

Another entity that covers pretty much all of these newly found issues is The Wild Geese Foundation.

Their financial information can be found here.

Nationally, we support five issue areas: Reproductive justice, LGBTQ equality, youth, climate justice, and organizing in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. Additionally, in the state of Massachusetts, we support food justice and expanding access to affordable and healthy food.

These foundations listed are but a few of all the partners listed for District 7 Spartanburg. Not all the partners listed on their site are exclusively LGBTQ related, but there are enough to raise eyebrows.

We’ll continue with our research and follow where it leads.