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The chatter that came to my attention began before noon Friday, April 14, 2023.  When the issue itself began, I’m not sure.  The latest buzz is that a teacher of ELA (English, Language, Arts) had some printed material that was not related to ELA at all.  Actually, it was more like an introduction to and how-to-instructional piece on grooming young boys for the pleasure of older men, known in the LGBTQ culture.  Actually, they’re called Bears,  like a subculture within the culture.

While reading through the post on Facebook that had over 230 comments at the time, I noticed that those who were speaking up in defense of the teacher were nothing but contradictions of what they were trying to defend.  Also, from their grammar and spelling, time in the classroom has not been spent learning anything related to grammar or spelling.

The defenders of the teacher kept pointing out that the teacher wouldn’t have to do all this if parents would talk to their kids at home about these things.  Yet, on the other hand, they claim that parents have no business butting into the life of these kids, and all this gender/pronoun/sexual deviation should remain a mystery to these parents.  That straw man won’t stand.  You can’t have it both ways.

Many are asking why this was even brought into the classroom.  One simple reason.  Someone has an agenda.  And that someone thought they could get by with it.  Word is that she has been fired.  I have no idea.  I heard from several sources.  Maybe so, maybe not.  As in some school districts that I have covered in the past, things such as this have happened and the offender was allowed to resign and go to another school and work.  Just slip away quietly.  No harm – no foul.  I pray this isn’t how this is/was handled.

How many reports have you heard, read, or seen that involve parents and school boards at odds with one another?   It’s a regular occurrence, and now the parents are the sworn enemy, so one should not be surprised by the backlash that is happening.  It will only get worse.  Times will get tougher, more people will become calloused and continue to disregard the feelings and concerns of others.  Why?  Because “It is written”.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

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