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Nice phrase we have here. It would be a shame to lose it!

Many times, we’ve heard politicians claim that the constitution is a living breathing document, yet this same kleptocracy continuously tries to smother the life out of said document.

They will claim that the interpretation of this changes dynamically with the current cultural environment/society. Well, except mainly about the right to bear arms. It’s always been about hunting, right? And a militia.

The forefathers realized that the people needed a recourse to allow for a way to protect America from tyrants, etc. Now, the tyrants are trying to use the same to protect themselves from the people.

Imagine coming home from work and finding that all the screens and door locks have been removed from your home. All the doors removed from all the rooms, as well as the doors on cabinets. Everything, every possession in your home is now out in the open. Nothing secure.

That very thing is happening, via the open borders. To even things up, we should demand that all the fences and wires should be removed from the White House and surrounding government buildings. Remove all security personnel from within the building. No public official provided with any security.


How about the court systems?

46th in crime

Elected officials are afforded the privilege to run an honor system among themselves. Well, let’s call it what it is…a dishonor system. And how’s that working out. Lots of hearings. Sternly worded letters. Senseless censures. Next!

How about we change that system. Allow a jury made up of the voters. To my knowledge, inmates aren’t allowed to be the jury when a fellow inmate is tried. At least not yet.

Closer to home.

State ranking

In the great state of South Carolina, the court system is horrendous, as is the so-called Republican Senate. The Senate that consists of liberals, regardless of political association. A gang of bullies and petty tyrants, like spoiled children in need of a dose of hard discipline. Power hungry and malnourished of common sense. Along with their shiny suits, plastic personalities, and pompous attitudes.

These shysters pick and choose the judges. They also hold sway over these judges by letting the judges know that their appointments depends on their results, when these same Senators are in court defending their usually like-minded criminals. After all, it appears that the senator lawyers are more versed in the tricks of criminality than the actual criminals.

Feelings. Oh, oh, oh feelings…

When a bill is debated, and these senators arguing against something, they are forever using the phrase, “but I’m afraid that” or “I feel that”…that doesn’t matter. Talk about lawful or not. Your feelings are not relevant to any debate related to the law. Honestly, the people, for the most part, aren’t interested in your feelings.

Too many judges, magistrates, and Guardian Ad Litums are appointed without merit whatsoever. The Guardian Ad Litum, especially, when supposedly having the best interest of the child in mind. At times, it’s comparable to going to a hairdresser to get a root canal. Yes, many are really that bad.

Educashun is fallin

42nd in Education
42nd in Best State

28th in Economy
18th in Fiscal Stability

Hospital Systems
36th in Health Care

God forbid you have to go to an ER for a major issue. Or even a minor one. I’ve seen laundromats more efficient and more compassionate.

31st in Infrastructure

Pot-Holes R US…take me home, bumpy roads

38th in Opportunity
If you’re outside the system