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If you read the article about the Cleveland County Commissioners meeting, you will recall this part:
(the dialogue below can be found in the video at the 2:12:15 mark towards the end of the meeting)

Those of you who have kept up with the Cleveland County School board and the school system, are already aware of the lack of control when it comes to spending money and keeping the people informed of what’s going on. As has been for many years, still no accountability or transparency, yet the commissioners continue to enable them and pour money back into a black hole. Even Commissioner Hutchins spoke about how he was very disappointed in the school system, that they don’t seem to be willing to help themselves. Even the presenter, Assistant County Manager Kerry Melton stated that they have had several meetings with their (the school) team but have not made much progress at this point.

Ironically, at the Kings Mountain City Council Meeting on August 30, 2022, after a gentleman, David Stone, addressed the Mayor and Council members (beginning at 44:10 through 49:17) A few seconds later, Councilman Keith Miller made his remarks, which also called out BOE member Humphries, as the Council addressed remarks made by the previous 2 speakers.

I found it to be very entertaining that in both meetings, Cleveland County and Kings Mountain, the Cleveland County Board of Education was again the topic of scorn. Of course, this is no surprise to most citizens of Cleveland County.