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Another day in session, another dollar for the pick-pockets.  Self-indulgence.  It’s the only way they know.

Aren’t we glad they’re taking care of the good citizens of South Carolina?

H. 4561  Campaign Finance Spending


Explanation of Fiscal Impact

State Expenditure

This bill allows a candidate or public official to use campaign funds to defray personal expenses for dependent care expenses incurred in connection with their campaign in certain circumstances.  Campaign funds may only be used to defray dependent care expenses if the dependent care is given by a provider that is licensed in South Carolina to provide the type of care needed by the candidate’s or public official’s immediate family member.

The State Ethics Commission anticipates an increase in the number of complaints filed each fiscal year because allowing individuals to pay child care expenses for campaign activities or public official duties may lead to violations of the Ethics Act.  If the increase in complaints filed is minimal, the Commission anticipates being able to manage the provisions of the bill with existing staff and resources.  However, if the increase is significant, the Commission will need an undetermined number of additional staff to process and investigate complaints.  Therefore, the expenditure impact of this bill on the Commission is undetermined and will depend on the number of additional complaints filed as a result of the bill.

State Revenue

The State Ethics Commission reports that if a complaint is filed, and the candidate or public official is found to be in violation of the law, the Commission can assess a fine of up to $2,000 per violation.  Since both the number of filed complaints and violations is unknown, the increase in Other Funds revenue to the Commission is undetermined.

Introduced by Reps. Wetmore, Dillard, Collins, Erickson, B. Newton, Schuessler, J. L. Johnson, Pope, Clyburn, Henegan, Pendarvis and Caskey

More committees, more ethics issues, (or lack of), and more cronyism created.  More solicitation, more creativity in their accounting, and more assurance that this bunch will be able to continue trying to fleece their flock.

Will we see more creativity in their campaign ads?  Good luck with that, as South Carolinians continue to struggle with the economy, jobs, and the everyday necessities that we’ve seen become unaffordable.  And they’re wanting more money from the people, as well as using the campaign cash to afford what their constituents cannot.

This is nothing less than panhandling on a professional level.  Another episode of the elected doing what’s best for themselves.  Notice the names that introduced this bill.  Isn’t it odd that this same group of legislators never do enough for themselves?  They are their number one priority.

Again, there is a remedy.  In November, vote them out.  Let’s show them our version of Catch and Release.  Catch them breaking the rules, and send them home.  Release them from their “obligations”.