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Endangered Ethics

It’s a sad state of affairs here in the Palmetto State.  Those who have been a victim of crime are probably displeased with the judicial system.  Even though we keep hearing about judicial reform, there is no evidence.  The lawyer-legislators continue to operate like a college fraternity and only the chosen ones are judges in their club.

Then, the judges take an oath to kiss the ring, or whatever else is necessary to maintain good standing in their brotherhood. Others have written much regarding the problems within the judicial system, yet the pampered politicians continue to ignore all things ethical and stretch the boundaries of cronyism.

One example that remains fresh and out in the open is what should be considered as a habitual offender, but has been pampered by the courts and a mockery made by the defense attorney.  Yet, on May 16, 2023, bill S.0146 was signed by the governor.  It is called the Sexually Violent Predators Act.

 The SVP Act addresses legitimate public safety concerns while providing treatment for adult sexual offenders who, due to a mental abnormality or personality disorder, are predisposed to engage in sexually violent behavior likely.

If the judicial system were to do as expected, then the person would not have had the opportunity to become the habitual offender that he is.  In actuality, had the judge used the laws set before him, this offender would not have been able to continue to attack his other victims.

As published by The Daily Beast, this paints a picture that’s not difficult to understand.

The judges and the attorneys are the problem, as to how they treat and coddle the criminal.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the first thing the attorney asked the defendant was, “Who’s your daddy?”.

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