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I realize it’s difficult not to worry about our national and international problems that are going on today.  The border, terrorism, inflation, violence and crime.  Most people are aware of the terrible decisions being made that cast this country farther down a road of no return.   While we’re distracted from the situation here in our home state as our elected officials rob us blind, we’re worried about folks on social media speaking about everything under the sun.

I’m in no way making light of our national situation because things are indeed running out of control.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of exposure and outcry regarding the crookedness of our legislators in Columbia.  I’ve been saying it for a long time, these lawyers as legislators are not a good mix.  Sit tight and read on…I will lay it out for you.

The $1.8B pot of gold that has been lost, but now found.

Senator Larry Grooms (R-District 37) is leading the pack to reclaim the money so he and his cohorts will be able to spend it. Grooms speaks as if he knows why the money was missing and found, and is not bashful about sharing such with the media.  Leaders such as Grooms remind me of the saying, “The hit dog barks”, and Groom is running with a pack that would all holler in unison.

The state treasurer, Curtis Loftis, and former Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom have had conversations that differed as to who was responsible for the missing money, while Grooms seemed adamant that Loftis was to blame.

The true conservative members have made it known that they prefer to return the money to the taxpayers!  Fat chance of that with the attitude of these do-gooders.

Is there a grifter in the house?

 Another day in session, another dollar for the pick-pockets.  Self-indulgence.  It’s the only way they know.

Aren’t we glad they’re taking care of the good citizens of South Carolina?

H. 4561

More committees, more ethics issues, (or lack of), and more cronyism created.  More solicitations, more creativity in their accounting, and more assurance that this bunch will be able to continue trying to fleece their flock.

Will we see more creativity in their campaign ads?  Good luck with that, as South Carolinians continue to struggle with the economy, jobs, and the everyday necessities that we’ve seen become unaffordable.  And they’re wanting more money from the people, as well as using the campaign cash to afford what their constituents cannot.

This is nothing less than panhandling on a professional level.  Another episode of the elected doing what’s best for themselves.  Notice the names that introduced this bill.  Isn’t it odd that this same group of legislators never do enough for themselves?  They are their number one priority.

The Ruse of Law – (one example goes a long way)

To quote  Supreme Court Justice John Kittredge: 

“Each week, members of the judiciary receive a report of all the ethical violations of judges around the country, and, it’s a pretty long list,” Kittredge said at the Nov. 7 hearing, the first of two public meetings held so far by the committee.

“But what you don’t see on that long list for every other state in the country,” Kittredge, 67, of Greenville, continued, “is you don’t see reports of South Carolina judges being reprimanded, being sanctioned, being removed.”

And he is correct.  Because none are ever handed down.  The lawyer/legislators write the laws and the laws are beneficial to those who write them.  There are many ethical issues, but they are not addressed nor acknowledged, because that would be admitting to wrongdoing.

Fine.  Let’s look at only 1 issue, which is compounded many times, with only 1 defendant and quite a few victims.  And we’ll look at the lawyers and judges who have made it possible by their hand-picked selections predetermined with hand-picked results.

The defendant was/is Bowen Turner, a 21-year-old fortunate son, residing in Orangeburg, S.C.

Bowen has been a regular contributor to the crime community and the courtrooms around the area.  He’s judged and represented by some of the high-roller legislators, who can pretty much control a court calendar, the judges, the defendant, and the outcome.  They make the rules and they set their fees.  The more trouble the defendant is in, and the more lenient sentence the legislator/lawyer can persuade the judge, then the lawyer/legislator can command a higher fee.  The judge will be in good standing and appear another day.  Rinse and repeat.

Oh how wonderful, the Ruse of Law!

Apples take over peaches as SC’s cash crop

Apples?  Sure thing.  Bad apples.  They’re known by another commodity name,  Lawyers/Legislators!

In some ways, they are reminiscent of Johnny Appleseed.  Appleseed cultivated orchards.  The bad apples in the legislature cultivate graft, greed, greenbacks, and a revolving door for criminals.  In by 9, out by 5.

Legend has it, that Johnny’s apples weren’t fit to eat, as they were grown to make cider.  With these bad apples, they cultivate judges who aren’t fit to serve.  You know, sort of bringing the judges down to the lawyers/legislators level.

Appleseed would pick seeds from the Potomac, while the bad apples pick-pocket on the east bank of the Congaree.  Johnny  Appleseed and the Lawyers/Legislators are contronyms. (their own opposites) Also known as a Janus word, which fits nicely with our description here: (notice the two-faced)(Wikipedia)

A Janus word is so named for Janus, a Roman god that is identified with doors, gates, and all beginnings and that is depicted with two opposite faces. Examples of Janus words are: CLEAVE to divide by or as if by a cutting blow or to adhere firmly. DUST to make free of dust or to sprinkle with fine particles.

So, to believe that these bad seeds will produce some bona fide changes to our judicial system requires faith of the highest order or gullibility of the smallest of minds.

If past “indiscretions” are any indication of future endeavors, then no, their reform won’t matter because there will be little to no reform at all.  Same fox, different hen-house.

What’s next?  Will the prisoners be allowed to pick their wardens?

The Sleaze Caucus – by invitation only

 We have begun to see more sleaze materialize regularly which allows more sets of eyes to see it and more ears to hear about it.  I’m talking about another Lawyer/Legislator picking pockets on the east bank of the Congaree!  Yes indeed.

The latest known inductee has been identified as state representative Marvin Pendarvis.

Pendarvis has been accused of fraud, forgery, and attempted bribery.  You can catch that whole story at Fitsnews, the site covering such stories first and foremost for quite a while. Check them out!