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Hi Greg (and Leigha CCed),

I’m following up on my 04/18 message.

I received the flashdrive last week, and I downloaded a total of 44 separate files. Thank you!

However, there is still an additional item that needs clarification before I can mark this request as “Completed.” My request asked for (bolded):

If such a record exists — Please provide ALL electronic communications [Text Messages, Emails, Voicemails, etc.], sent to, sent from, or sent between the Superintendent of Cleveland County Schools, any and all Principals of Cleveland County Schools, any and all Administrative personnel, and any and all members of the Cleveland County School Board. During the time period of 01/02/2023 through 02/09/2023. Specifically, as relates to “bullies”, “bullying”, “fights”, or “violence” at Cleveland County Schools. I am explicitly asking that you DO NOT provide me with sensitive or personally identifying information about specific students and their data. Sunshine Request will not publish this type of information on their website.

The files I received do not appear to contain any text messages or voicemails as requested — only emails. Can you please clarify why those records weren’t provided?

Thank you for your help!

~ The Sunshine Request Team

[Ed: Red highlight – mine]

In this article, we want to share some of the “pages/files” we received. Some of the dates are not relevant to the dates that were requested. Many of the pages/files were not related to the search terms as requested. Remember, the request was for the terms that relate to those that were limited to within the Cleveland County School System. (schools and school properties and school functions)


Bloomberg Politics

How to talk to a child about bodies

Mental Health and Crisis Line

Safety Update KMHS

Second Step Webinar

Download the 4001 pages released from CCS Public Records Request

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