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They’re known by another commodity name,  Lawyers/Legislators!

In some ways, they are reminiscent of Johnny Appleseed.  Appleseed cultivated orchards.  The bad apples in the legislature cultivate graft, greed, greenbacks, and a revolving door for criminals.  In by 9, out by 5.

Legend has it, that Johnny’s apples weren’t fit to eat, as they were grown to make cider.  With these bad apples, they cultivate judges who aren’t fit to serve.  You know, sort of bringing the judges down to the lawyers/legislators level.

Appleseed would pick seeds from the Potomac, while the bad apples pick-pocket on the east bank of the Congaree.  Johnny  Appleseed and the Lawyers/Legislators are contronyms. (they’re own opposites) Also known as a Janus word, which fits nicely with our description here: (notice the two-faced)

A Janus word is so named for Janus, a Roman god that is identified with doors, gates, and all beginnings and that is depicted with two opposite faces. Examples of Janus words are: CLEAVE to divide by or as if by a cutting blow or to adhere firmly. DUST to make free of dust or to sprinkle with fine particles.

So, to believe that these bad seeds will produce some bona fide changes to our judicial system requires faith of the highest order or gullibility of the smallest of minds.

If past “indiscretions” are any indication of future endeavors, then no, their reform won’t matter because there will be little to no reform at all.  Same fox, different hen-house.

What’s next?  Will the prisoners be allowed to pick their wardens?