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Leave it to the Chair +5(6) to once again vote for something that contradicts their intentions and defies logic. They decided last night, in closed session, to put Marion School and Graham School on the auction block. Right up there with a used car and an old set of cookware.

Immediately afterward, in the closing minutes of the meeting, after returning from their closed session, several of the board members shared their closing comments. The audio is available below from Mr. Spurling and Mr. Blanton, and you will notice there’s quite a contrast.

Back to the selling of the schools. Mr. Blanton shared ample documentation that was the direct opposite of what this board had previously paid thousands of dollars to obtain. The “professionals” came to quite a different figure than the actual numbers that were available from an actual planning department. Pardon the pun, but…go figure.

The co-chair blamed it all on the county commissioners and state legislatures because they didn’t provide enough money and were misled, and…look…a squirrel.

So, the board was reduced to having to render these two schools as surplus property due to their wasteful spending. They had no other choice. Well, maybe they should have a benefit or something. Maybe an Oyster Roast with a drink bar. Wine… raises money for a good cause, eat, drink, and be merry. All in the name of Communities in Schools. Show these kids you’re so crazy about how to be good stewards of their money, drink and drive responsibly, and always depend on other people’s money. And when things get dicey, place the blame on others, and keep pandering.

If I were a party that had been sued by the school, I may be tempted to check this Oyster and Wine function out. Maybe have a few patrol officers sitting outside the event, just to make sure no intoxicated people were on the road. I wouldn’t want things to look bad for this poor old financially strapped school system.

Now, if this board really wants to raise an immeasurable amount of money, here’s what they should do. Put the Chair +5(6) in dunking booths, charge $10 a pop, and allow the public to come out and contribute to their cause. After all, this isn’t a dry county, right? And they would raise more money than they ever imagined.