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Kings Mountain, NC — There were a number of reports at the beginning of August about the ongoing investigation of the Two Kings casino in Kings Mountain, N.C.

Primarily, it was reported that some politically connected, former elected and selected officials from both Carolinas were said to have been involved in obtaining shares of stock in the company that supplies the gambling machines.

The Charlotte Observer reviewed the July 1, 2020, document identifying shareholders of Kings Mountain Equipment Supply. That leasing company will earn 20 cents of every $1 in profits from some slot machines at the casino, the Wall Street Journal recently reported.

Former Cleveland County manager David Dear held a direct stake in Kings Mountain Equipment Supply in 2020, according to the member schedule.

Former Cleveland County commissioner Eddie Holbrook was not named as a shareholder. But Moose & Putter Butter LLC, was. Holbrook and his wife signed articles of organization for that limited liability company in 2015. Millie Holbrook was later named registered agent for the LLC, whose name was changed to Moose Putter Butter, according to opencorporates.

David Dear resigned as Cleveland County Manager in December 2011. He returned as interim county manager for about 5 months or so, and then returned to work with the Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership as the Special Projects manager. Presently, he is listed as the director of > MJ Holdings, Inc.

Even though there isn’t a mention of Dear on the MJ Holdings, Inc. website, there is more documentation to show that he is working with them.

Board of Directors Services Agreement

In the document that announces Dear’s appointment as Director of MJ Holdings, it states that he is President of Newgrass Brewery. One of his partners in the brewery is Roger Holland, a local architect. Holland wrote a letter to Dear when Dear was Special Projects Manager for CCEDP. In the letter, dated January 6, 2015, Holland requested an extension (for Project Cirrus) regarding the Dover Mill project. Even though this decision would be up to the Cleveland County Commissioners, why would Holland send this letter to Dear, his partner, who had no say in this issue? On January 15, 2015, Holland requested the extension at the Cleveland County Commissioners meeting.



Keeping in mind that the extension request for the Dover Mill project was made on January 15, 2015, Holland formed a partnership with Dear (who appeared to be employed by the CCEDP) in the Newgrass Brewing Company on February 4, 2015. Apparently, this was known in advance of the time that Holland sent Dear the letter regarding Project Cirrus. As they say, twice is a coincidence, and 3 times is a pattern!

Newgrass Brewery-filing

New Grass Brewery-filing-2

NGB-annual report 33022

We will continue to follow the pattern that has been set forth for many years, and share the documentation that we have. You can decide for yourselves what’s going on. There is more to come!