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Shelby, NC — If the leadership of Cleveland County thinks the latest scandal is over, please think again. When something of this magnitude happens, why is it usually an ill-advised idea to just keep quiet and everything will go away? The county manager and the commissioners need to go ahead and get out in front of this problem while there is still a little time. When the shoe drops, it will be too late. All credibility will be shattered and the people will be furious. It’s also a bad practice to scoff at those who keep asking questions. Everyone is not a crazy, conspiracy-minded troublemaker. It’s time to drop the concern for your own importance, your own projects, and your reputation. It’s time to do right by the people while there is still time. Stop blaming other people, while you’re claiming to be concerned about economic development, tourism, and various other causes when totally neglecting the well-being of the entire county. We are not dumb and we are not going away. It’s time for the secrecy to end. You cannot claim you didn’t know!