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As reported previously, CCC President L. Steve Thornburg had sent an email to the staff and the trustees, stating that he was resigning, effective December 31, 2017. At the meeting Tuesday, June 6, 2016, several people spoke during the public discussion portion of the meeting. It seems the common theme was, that it would be better and easier to let Thornburg go as soon as possible, and not allow him to carry on until the end of the year. So, with a motion and a vote, 4 of the trustees voted to immediately begin to search for an interim president, and as soon as an interim is found, then Thornburg would be relieved of his duties. It was decided that Thornburg would be gone by the beginning of the fall classes. There were 2 of the trustees who were against that plan. And the remainder of the trustees did not cast a vote.

Alan Norman, Jason Falls, Wayne King, Wes Westmoreland voted to begin the search for an interim president and when found, current president L. Steve Thornburg will be dismissed. The search should be completed by no later than the beginning of fall classes.
Nays- June Yarboro

No vote-

Wish the PTB would exercise more diligence when selecting trustees to serve. Should forego friends, family, and those who have conflicts of interest due to doing business with the school. It looks bad and it is bad. Look at the vote count to see for yourself. The members who did not vote need to be replaced. You did not act as a trustee because of your no vote. If a trustee cannot be trusted, then they should be replaced.