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Shelby, NC — The trustees of Cleveland Community College will meet again at noon, Tuesday, July 11, 2017. The meeting could be a very interesting event, especially if the trustees do what they alluded to doing in their last meeting. If so, then look for some drama from the administration, and maybe a couple of others. According to what I’ve read on a blog, that addresses some of the issues going on at the college, I see some holier-than-thou attitudes and remarks coming from those who claim the blog owner and some commenters are nothing less than disgruntled employees who are wanting to cause trouble. Isn’t that what the admin has been claiming all along? So, that leads me to believe that those who make these particular comments are true, some higher-ups in the administration. And, to show their true character (or lack of) they resort to making fun of a person’s hair, appearance, eating habits, etc. I pity the new President that will take this job if all of the administrative personnel are still around. Instead of the dreaded purge that the employees fear, maybe it’s time to begin the purge at the top, and work downward. The trustees should make it as seamless as possible, for the new hire to come in with a clean slate not only for himself but for the students and instructors as well. Everyone will benefit if all problems are addressed and dealt with. Some, I’m sure, will be dealt with in a court of law.

The administration is solely to blame for the atmosphere they created. And the trustees are to blame for turning a deaf ear and ignoring these problems for as long as they have. It’s true, that the trustees cannot right all wrongs, but they can right the wrongs that are still there. Public records show that some people who have poured their lives and dollars into this school are now saying, “no more”, because of not only the action that has been going on but also the inaction from those who were chosen to do such. It’s a known fact that many people who serve on different boards in Cleveland County have scratched, clawed, begged, and pleaded to be placed there. Yet, once they’re on the board, they become afraid to go against those to whom they are tasked to be held into account. Too many of them are always ready and willing to sit around, laugh and slab backs with one another, and even lie, if necessary, in order to protect their “friend”, the boss. What so many of them fail to realize, the boss serves at the pleasure of the trustees. The trustees do not serve in order to please the boss. Is that too hard to remember? When the going gets tough…see how they run?