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After researching and reading various documents and writings, it’s fairly difficult to understand how the City of Shelby and Cleveland County can continue operating as is, without a tax hike. Bonds that have to be paid for, a bad economy, still high unemployment numbers, plus an overall waste of money, don’t paint a rosy picture at all. The leaders are trying to paint this picture of revenue coming in, based on pipe dreams and hope. Wishes do not make for an economic rebound. If, all things being equal, all these companies that have set up shop in our area, with all the incentives, come to pass, then yes, we make be okay for a little while. However, they could also turn out like a couple of failed ventures that moved here, but then gave up after a couple of years or so,

It’s a known fact, that you can’t spend money that you don’t have in your hands. As tempting as it is, one must wait until the said money has arrived safely before claiming it as revenue. Money that is projected in the future is not revenue. It is kinda like faith, you know, the substance of things hoped for. In reality, faith is believing going forward, in what you can only see and comprehend in reverse. Many people will claim, no, that faith has nothing to do with it. Well, allow me to ponder for a few moments, please.

Let’s say, you apply for a job, and they decide to hire you. You know very little about the business that has hired you but are willing to go to work, and accept the fact they will pay you, weekly, monthly, every two weeks, etc. Does that not take a smidgen of faith? How about when you go to a doctor, and they explain how you will need to undergo surgery and remove whatever they say needs removing. You consent, again, you must have a little faith in this doctor and such. You plant a garden, and let’s say you plant some tomato plants. Do you go out to your garden every day to make sure the product you planted is tomatoes, rather than say, corn? You don’t? Why? It’s a smidgen of faith. Funny how that works, even though you may not be aware of it.

Many people still don’t get it that “faith”, is consistently a verb. An action verb, at that. Many preachers or reverends are clueless about this. Faith is not about what you say, but about what you do and how you act. Not how you react. Is it any wonder we’re in the shape that we’re in? Too many folks place their faith in the government and believe that the government should take care of them. This is hardly the case. Even those high-enders, who take government money, are just as guilty as the bottom feeders. The only difference is that the high-enders feel entitlement and think that the government has an obligation to fund whatever it is they would choose. Again, you wonder why we’re in this mess.

Look at the occupiers. Casting blame on “rich people”, and blaming them for all that’s wrong with America. Answer me this. When was the last time a poor person created a job? That’s not to bash poor people, as I live on a “fixed” income myself, but I don’t depend on Uncle Sugar to look out for my best interests. Regardless of what these people proclaim, through the years, and the jobs, I have held, a tax has been deducted from my earnings, called FICA. I am entitled to that money. It’s not an entitlement, as described by some, but an entitlement because the government has taken this money, and done what they chose to do with it, promising a reimbursement in my latter years. I look at it as a lousy return on a sorry investment the Federal Government made on my behalf.

Another thing, after watching video footage of all the violence, screaming, and idiotic behavior and such, who in their right mind would hire these occupier people? Is it any wonder why they can’t find a job? I looked in the want ads today, but I completely missed the ads regarding the thugs needed. They sure got cheated on this education deal, that’s for sure. I guess I might be angry too. It’s almost funny, that the people they rail against, big business and such, are the makers of all the things they are toting around at these protests. Their notebooks, laptops, tablets, wi-fi, etc., are all a product of those they despise. All the things they are using in their quest to show their ignorance, none of it could be accomplished without those who actually are doing something. I suppose for every Archie that is out there, we must have a Jughead as well.