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For those of us who are old enough to remember the 60s, the late 60s to be exact, when the USA put a man on the moon, those were days to remember. Why? Well, today, our government agencies can’t even get us to Walmart without an act of congress or worse. Forget a trip to the moon. We’ve been regulated into a corner and there’s nowhere to turn. These days, the government and the sheeple act as if we can’t go to the bathroom without playing May I with Uncle Sam. And we seemingly don’t have enough sense to feed ourselves, because the same Uncle feels that the powers that be need to teach us lesser beings a thing or two about nutrition, as they munch on their triple cheeseburgers, an extra-large order of fries, a side order of onion rings, and a diet coke. Thank God for good government, right?

Instead of going to the moon, the government is mooning us and the view is not pretty. Since when did the constitution make everything we desire a right? Oh, yea. A woman has a right to birth control. A woman also has a right to pay for it. I have a right to nice, comfortable shoes, so does that mean the government should have to provide them for free? The pursuit of happiness? Wah-wah-wah- cry me a river. I have a right to the pursuit of happiness, but does that mean I can expect everyone else on earth to bow to my wants and needs in order that I can be happy? A big no on that one as well.

First of all, if you depend on any one thing or any one individual for your happiness, you would be better served to play the lottery until you hit the big jackpot, and then you can afford your pursuit of said happiness. Otherwise, your version of this happiness “ain’t gonna happen”, mainly because it doesn’t exist. People need to realize, sooner rather than later, that our government should not even try to be 911 (help me) or Santa Claus (give me). It is a false sense of security, as well as an overreaching meddling arm of the government. Do you seriously believe that those 635+ individuals are the smartest people in this country to be taking care of the sheeple? I don’t. It’s why they do what they do. They wouldn’t last on a regular job if their job performance was anything similar to their political performance. They wouldn’t make it through a short, probationary period.

This is a group of people who cannot operate a restaurant for themselves or even a barbershop. How pathetic is that? Look at how long these folks have neglected the budget. Now, tell me again how smart they are. With a straight face. It hasn’t been that long ago that people would spend time talking with one another, spending time out in the yard, neighbors being neighbors. If someone in the neighborhood was facing bad times, then everyone else would band together and do what they could to help the neighbor who was having a bad time. Today, no way this happens, at least not as often. Why? We are too busy. I mean, why should we help when they can always turn to the government or their church. Yet, when other countries have disasters and emergencies, notice how the USA responds. The people, again, band together and raise megabucks to help their fellow humans.

If this country could figure out what many churches figured out long ago, it is more profitable, and more productive, to grow via multiplication rather than division. The day that America gets that right, that’s the day America becomes hard to handle once again. Why do some of our leaders go around the world claiming that country after country has no respect for us? I’ll tell you why. Others judge our country by our leadership. These countries will never have any respect for us as long as we have all this perceived dignity about us. Personally, I think it’s time we lose some dignity in order to gain some respect.