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To my knowledge, no one in any official capacity within the city or county government has checked into Ultimate Concerts, Inc or publicly commented on the 2835 jobs that is supposedly being brought into our area.

What about the County Commissioners? They should check this out to the fullest, and if everything is legit, then offer a building and charge them $1 per year for a couple of years to bring these nearly 3000 jobs to town. I mean, they’ve certainly done more for less-worthy causes. Has anyone checked the background of Mr. Napoleon S. Brewer, Sr?

There are too many red flags popping up on this whole charade. First of all, an enterprise such as this takes you to a MySpace page to complete a transaction via PayPal. Next, was the bag full of money graphics on the MySpace page. We also discovered that no corporation was even filed in Alaska, even though they list an Anchorage, AK address. 310 K. Street, Anchorage, AK, yet there is no listing of the business itself at that building. Two corporations started by this man, one in Los Angeles, CA, and another in Inglewood, CA both shut down. One canceled and the other was suspended. That was enough to suspend any goodwill towards this venture.

Has anyone thought of how much the startup costs for operating a call center? Or will a lot of these people work from home? If they can work from home, then why the need for a huge building? Telephone lines and computers for all those workers will not bring a small price tag.

We learned today that our unemployment rate has reached double digits. Jobs are needed badly. Please, someone from the city or county, step up and take charge. All the leaders who ran for office promised quality jobs for the people. How about stepping up and putting your money where your mouth is. Is anybody in charge?