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We’ve been hearing for years about the “Separation of Church and State” and how our forefathers decided that the “state” could not form a religion. Actually, the clause says respecting an establishment of religion. The Establishment Clause says as much about what the government cannot do as what it is allowed to do.

But this is not about the separation of church and state, per se. It’s more about the Separation of the Media and State, and Healthcare and State and Disinformation and State, just to name a few.

The media has become the mouthpiece of the federal government and the DNC. The news channels and such are pretty much occupied by the liberals who were once employed by the administrations of the left. When this is mentioned, their response is “shut up…because Fox News.” Sorry. I don’t care too much for Fox either. The media has become similar to the political parties. It’s difficult to see the difference in some of the opposing players.

The government, as with the present administration, has decided to control the dialogue of Americans, in such that they can and will determine what is “disinformation” and what the truth is. Kinda scary, when we know that they can’t even define what a woman is…even though some of their men claim to be women…whatever that may be. Logic is not part of the process. That is why there are so many talking points shared on news channels. They don’t even try to change the wording anymore. They’re all parroting the same lines. I can recall a local newspaper publisher/editor claiming that he wasn’t in the truth business, he was in the newspaper selling business. And it was very evident on a daily basis.

How about the Separation of Healthcare and State? Mandatory vaccines and mandatory healthcare. Government provided gender transitioning for service members. The liberals claim that it takes a village to raise a child. Have you seen the village? Thanks, but no thanks.

We’ve also seen in the past couple of years the effects of the government-mandated Covid pandemic response and the shutdown of our country and many things within the country. And with this came the out-of-control crime wave, along with the left’s “mostly peaceful” (except for a few burned and looted cities) demonstrations and protests.

Then all this Russia-Russia disinformation from the Ministry of Babble and BS. This led to the FBI and CIA being exposed as one of the biggest organized crime syndicates in the world. The real practitioners of “going rogue”. The “insurrection” that wasn’t. If this “insurrection” was the real deal, a televised kangaroo court made up of mental midgets and morons would not have been necessary, or even a possibility. A true insurrection would have left so much carnage and devastation, the congressional chambers would have been destroyed by such an act as they claimed.

You must realize that when the Washington Post hands out “Pinocchios, something is amiss. As a general practice (rule) we’ve noticed that the New York Times is the go-to source for the FBI and DOJ.(sometimes Politico) CNN appears to be the most useful for The State Department and the Washington Post operates as the mouthpiece for the CIA. So keep your disinformation accusations to yourself. The government leads by a huge margin in this particular arena.

As seen on a daily basis, the leadership in DC leaves much to be desired. Who is in charge? Does anyone know? It can’t be Joe Biden. Every time he says something, someone from his administration has to come out and walk it back. The president, who is supposedly in charge, and supposedly has the last word…doesn’t. There is no denying his continued struggles lately.

All in all, the biggest divide is the Separation of Stae and Reality. Much can be said and written about this, but I will use a quote by Benjamin Disraeli who so succinctly said:

“There are three kinds of lies:
lies, damned lies, and statistics.”