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Remember back in the day when the honorable thing to do to corrupt politicians had something to do with lamp posts? Ah, how I long for the good old days. One can’t accomplish that these days. Why? The government has a monopoly on lamp posts and has made it illegal to purchase them without a permit. (an embargo on permits)

A corrupt government requires more creativity from the people. Not much news coverage of the fundamental problems this country is facing today. No, the ox being gored today is gun control and various pandemics back in play…and those life-saving masks. We can’t get bogged down by those issues that have been caused by Putin, because, we can’t do anything about that.

Fuel prices continue to go unchecked, so therefore food and other goods, and transportation costs continue to rise. Hardly anything is affordable, yet these 635 grifters continue to pile up debt and distribute hardships amongst “we the people”. They send money to places all over the globe, places that most of these politicians couldn’t find on a map if their lives depended upon it. Continuously lying to the people without shame.

Fake news, fake investigations, fake trials, fake elected officials ruling in a fantasy world. The sad thing is, none of this is by accident. There is a plan, and they won’t own it. That’s fine because it’s not actually theirs anyway. Uh, what? That’s right, it’s not actually theirs. It’s a mixture and a combination of ideas and actions that were laid out long before this bunch came onto the scene. It’s no accident that people claim that we’re seeing events and things of “biblical proportions”…because we actually are.

This is a battle between good and evil. Laugh as you may, but it always has been. It’s only now become more visible to those who will see. (as with “he that has ears to hear, let him hear.”) Violence and wickedness rule our times. Even though the news media and the political opposition define it differently, doesn’t change the fact of what it really is. Sadly, it probably won’t get any better where we are. These issues won’t be fixed by a man/woman or men/women. No, there is a battle coming, and it will be unlike anything ever imagined.

During this upcoming election season, we see and hear people from all walks of life, campaigning for a job title, promising all kinds of cures to all kinds of problems, if you’ll just send them some money. Go ahead, it’s a fool’s errand. People, money doesn’t combat wickedness. Look at our schools and universities. Absolute bedlam and anarchy. People are genuinely mean and mannerless. Selfish and rude. Demanding and irresponsible. Unworthy and unteachable. And that’s just the teachers and professors. The students are a by-product.

In today’s microwave world, everyone wants everything quick and easy…and without costs or hindrances. They must be catered to. They cannot be offended or corrected. Cross them and they will make you pay, one way or another. Where are their parents? Oh, they’re some other place, acting the same way, paving the way for more anarchy and trying to absolve themselves from any fault of what’s happening around them.

Too many of us are concerned about Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Left, Right, Rinos, and such and lose sight of what the problems are. The number one issue is heart problems. Wicked hearts. Poisoned minds. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. There are news accounts of people throwing strangers from a subway platform, but public officials are after the guns. In New York, and other places, we hear of stabbing victims galore, but here they come for the guns. In California, a mother and child are run down by an out-of-control kid in an automobile, yet they scream about guns. The president wields his ink pen, but watch out for guns.

The most dangerous and unchecked crime syndicate in America is at least 635 strong and resides in Washington, DC. They are more dangerous and have caused more deaths and carnage than guns and Covid combined. I discovered that the old tale about a group of baboons known as a congress may not be true. The truth may be even better… A congress is a group of salamanders, ravens, or crows.

Be mindful of your situation wherever you may be. Be alert, be vigilant and be safe. Be prepared. Stock up on tar and feathers…and lamp posts!