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Having heard hour after hour of yammering by the media about what happened in Texas is wearing a little thin. There is plenty of blame to pass around, but that does not get to the crux of the issue. It’s the guns, it’s mental illness, it’s the NRA, it’s Trump and his deplorablse. Come on, how about the Russians? You forgot them.

Rather than trying to slice and dice through all the information being tossed about, let’s look at some issues in Washington, DC. It amazes me that these grifters we’ve elected try to place the blame on others when in reality, they are the culprits who are at the forefront of all this mess. People/organizations like Antifa and BLM have used violence and intimidation wherever they may roam. Millions of dollars in damage and their Democratic partners in crime simply refer to it as a peaceful assembly.

We’ve seen businesses looted and burned, churches and courthouses destroyed, and countless people injured or killed without any accountability from the perpetrators. Former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards was absolutely right when he talked about two Americas. It wasn’t quite how he had intended, but nonetheless, he was right. There’s an America for the left and one for the right.

The liberals encourage disobedience and destruction. A good example is when President Obama suggested the following edict:

Also, look at the recent behavior of Representative Nancy Pelosi in refusing to abide by the Bishop of her Catholic Church, when he said she could no longer partake in communion because of her stance on abortion. She simply visited a local service in DC and had communion anyway, thumbing her nose at authority. She’s rejected the laws of the church and of God. And yet, we wonder why those of her party behave as they do.

When the leadership of an administration as well as those who are employed by it and elected within it, turn a blind eye to lawlessness and punishment, then it’s very common for the people to follow suit. It’s all too common now to see younger people, especially, become “triggered” into fits of crying or screaming just because of a single word or phrase. Some will behave publicly in fits of anger because of the silliest, most pointless things. And yet, the left says, they’re just frustrated and need to vent. No, they need their collective keisters blistered.

Declaring gun-free zones continues to get people killed. God-free zones are even more dangerous, yet some cry, “where is God”? Well, He’s not welcome!

I must say, the government isn’t the only guilty party. Some churches are also willing participants in these trying times. Look at the latest revelations from the Southern Baptist Convention and their investigative report concerning the sex abuse scandals, and now, present a list of the abusers. The Baptists are not alone in these problems. There are many others who haven’t received the attention just yet. Some in “the church” will claim to be after the same crowd, to draw them into the church, etc. That could be well and good, but shouldn’t they be using biblical principles rather than worldly or governmental principles?

So, now we have the sinners and the saints, so to speak, doing battle against a common enemy…God. And both sides doing major damage without accountability, at least just yet. Honestly, this cannot continue to happen much longer. The people are getting restless!
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