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The Senate has been negotiating the Conceal Carry bill (H-3594) this week, and again, Senator Massey performs his contortionist (obstructionist) routine quite handily. He even backed Nikki Haley and Tim Scott simultaneously, in the Presidential Primary, according to Wikipedia.

It appears that many constituents, even nationwide, are fed up with what their elected officials are foisting upon them. Voter turnout should be heavy this year, especially in the primaries. The primary season is always a good place to nip things in the bud and move on to the general election knowing that at least the main objective has been accomplished.

The voters are tired of the liberal Republicans and their cohorts hijacking the will of the people. The people are tired of the way the Senate picks the judges and threatens the real conservatives. They lie, they steal, they manipulate, they back-stab, and  then they vote.  Rinse and repeat. Send them home!

Alleged recording of Senate Leader Shane Massey (R-Aiken) alleging law-breaking in S.C. House.