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Let’s talk about equality, shall we?

I’ve noticed a lot of talk about “equality and equity” and various other buzzwords from our elected elites, along with some of whom they have appointed. These do-gooders are insistent on their quest for equality and all else that goes along with their latest notions. Yet, they threaten to shut down things that will only hurt the little folks when talking about tax cuts and various other things that would go against their agenda.

It’s always a threat to the seniors and their social security, medicare, healthcare or some other necessity in order to keep the masses jacked up about something. I have an idea that we could put in place which would level the playing field somewhat, between “us and them”. And it’s quite easy to do. And as a by-product, if implemented, there would be a large number of these “public servants” leaving these government jobs.

Read on, as we lay this out!

A living wage for the elected:

This one is easy, but those affected will scream about how unfair it is. (to be more equal to those whom they are serving)

What perks do congressmen receive?

  • A base annual salary of $174,000
  • Free airport parking
  • A free, on-site gym for House members
  • Weakened insider trading restrictions
  • Up to 239 days off
  • Congress receives healthcare subsidies under Obamacare
  • A better retirement plan
  • Members of Congress fly free


Let’s unwrap this a little more and see what else these privileged servants receive:

How much money do congressmen get for staff?

The House will for the first time ever set the minimum annual pay for staff at $45,000. The deadline to implement this new Pay Order is September 1, 2022, and additional guidance is forthcoming. With a competitive minimum salary, the House will better be able to retain and recruit excellent, diverse talent.

There’s that pesky little catchphrase again. (“competitive minimum salary” and “diverse talent”)

We’re just warming up. There’s much more!

Do Congressmen get family leave?
The new paid parental leave policy, which replaces unpaid leave provided by the FMLA, allows federal executive and legislative branch employees to take job-protected leave and receive their regular pay while they are on leave to welcome a child into their family.

Now, ponder on that for a minute or two. How does this work in the real world these days? I don’t have to paint you a picture here. It’s easy if you try!
Moving on…

Who pays Congress salary?
The federal treasury (we the people)
Seeking to narrow state powers over the central government, the Constitution’s authors provided that congressional salaries would come from the federal treasury, with Congress setting the actual amount

As a reminder, these folks aren’t freelancers, they work for the people. So why shouldn’t we the people set their salaries?
And yet, some of us wonder why we are in a mess. There is a part of the answer above.

Do Congress members have immunity?
Members of the United States Congress enjoy a similar parliamentary privilege as members of the British Parliament; that is, they cannot be prosecuted for anything they say on the floor of the House or Senate.

Compare that to how they treat we the people. We aren’t afforded the same behavior in our workplaces. We would have to have diversity training, sensitivity training, and who knows what else…and then be fired. Yet, most of them claim that they love serving the people. Ha-ha-ha.

Members of Congress fly free

OK, so not every flight is free for members of Congress, but a vast majority of flights between their home states and Washington, D.C., are funded with taxpayer money.

With the things listed above, we can see that there are many perks for these elected officials to enjoy. Now, we’ll get to the new pay scale plan that we would like to see implemented.

We would suggest that all elected officials would receive the same salary as their constituents’ median income for the area of representation. As an example, for the representative of US House District 24 in New York, the median household income is $60,899. Therefore, the representative would have a salary of $60,899. Minus the perks, etc. Pelosi would be on the first thing smoking, back to California. Without the perks and insider stock wheeling and dealing, many of these worthless hacks would be hurting.

As a member of the elected, if you wanted to fly home every weekend or two, fine. If you can afford it out of your own pocket, happy trails. Write letters…buy your own stamps with your own money.

More examples of this pay scale:
In US House District 3 in North Carolina, the median income is $53,545.
In US House District 12 in California, the median income is $120697.
In US House District 7 in Massachusetts, the median income is $73201.
In US House District 13 in Michigan, the median income is $30,273
In US House District 7 in Washington State, the median income is $100,991.

I realize that this is only wishful thinking. I don’t expect anyone who has the authority to control their salaries to reduce them as listed above. No, these folks are takers, not givers. But doesn’t it bring a smile to your face to think that these public servants would actually be forced to live like the rest of those whom they claim to serve?