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Foresight seems to be in short supply. It seems the Shelby City Police Department is growing in several ways, and they’ve pretty much run out of room. The old Flick Theater was supposed to be the place that would be a future spot for the Shelby Police Department expansion, parking, and such. That plan was ignored several years ago when the theater was “given” to Destination Cleveland County for the new Don Gibson Theatre. The City Council, Mayor, and City Manager decided that for $1 per year, for four years, they could have the old building, with the option to buy the building for the assessed value of $207,137. Not a bad deal.

During these past years, the City of Shelby and the County of Cleveland have been very kind with the citizens’ money, in regards to DCC. They have received grants, gifts, donations, and taxpayer dollars as well. Now, the new creation of the Mayor and the City Manager seems to be giving Destination Cleveland County some more tourism dollars by allowing the City Council to hold their meetings and have their quarters in the new Scruggs Center. Some may say, great idea. Some also may say, what? After all the money DCC has taken from the city and county, should they even think about charging the Council for the “rented space” and lodging there? Plus the fact, the city has been paying some salaries to DCC employees for a while also.

Even the Chief of Police has suggested the City pay DCC, draw up a contract, and allow some room or space to be leased, and his intent wasn’t to “throw heritage out the door”, which he shouldn’t be concerned about. It was tossed in the dumpsters a good while back. All of the city council members aren’t sold on this as of yet, or so it seems. But, I’m sure the “mind” behind all this will pull off another way to keep throwing taxpayer dollars into the money pit.

So, until the City leaders can offer a plan to acquire the revenue to expand the old SPD or build a new one, they are stuck where they are. Even if the City Council were to move to the Scruggs Center, would that be enough additional room at the SPD to make a difference? Another thing, if Destination Cleveland County is given tourism money to compensate for leased space, shouldn’t that be shown as income for DCC, or revenue? And if they do receive more dollars, shouldn’t they at least pay the salaries of their own employees? I’d like a sweet deal as they have. There’s nothing like having the best of both worlds. Regardless of what the leaders say, regardless of what the newspaper says, and regardless of what anyone else tries to say, there is no way, anyone can justify the city and county to continue to waste money on this.

What do the commissioners think about subsidizing the place for the City Council? Should be an interesting election.