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With the rampant alarm by the left regarding gun control, they are counting on their extreme partners to help accelerate the new laws they’re hoping to enact. And at the same time, they’re hoping to distract from the mess which they have made of our country. Of course, they are not alone in doing so. There is also cooperation from their GOP brethren and sistren. Hear ye, hear ye…new and improved gun laws are what we need. Raise the age limit…outlaw large magazines…tougher background checks…rah-rah-rah-sis-boom-bah. Give us your guns.

In my opinion, what is actually needed, and would be more beneficial is politician control. Yes, politician control. When these do-gooders decide to run for public office, there should be a background check much more extensive than when buying a firearm. There should be lie-detector tests, truth serum, mental evals, financial audits, and talking to in-laws and friends. Even talk to people who were in school or college with them and have an ax to grind…you know, kind of like the supreme court nominee hearings?

The 635 warm bodies that make up our congress should be held to a much higher standard by those whom they claim to serve. Salaries and perks should be capped at the same number as their home state’s median income. No retirement packages, other than what the “average Joe” has available. Also, there should be a one-strike law for them. If you screw up once, you go home. No lifetime benefits for you, other than your regular social security. No more benefits of “do you know who I am’ BS. It will be answered with, “Yes, I know who you are and you’re going to jail”.

Liars (they know who they are) will be met with a truckload of scorn and will be required to wear foot-long Pinocchio noses during all appearances, especially on TV and in public. With matching shirts with the inscription, My Name is _________ and I’m a lying crook and a POS, representing __________.

Oh, and House Arrest. Yes, we mentioned House Arrest. Another plan would be to create a prison/dungeon in the basement of the capitol building and house all the criminal politicians there for the rest of their lives. Have them operate on a shoestring budget as they ask their constituents to do. If they’re well-behaved, which is highly unlikely, pay them $2.00 per day…with typical tax deductions and no benefits. The Capitol Hill PD will be in charge of all prisoners and maintenance of the prison. It would also be cool to allow those from the J6 trials to come in and supervise the thugs that started this mess. Can you say poetic justice? I knew you could.

Now, how about all those who were selected and not elected? Glad you asked. They too will have their own special place to dwell. They will be tried by a judge and jury of people from their home states and the charged will have to pay for their own defense. No bond – no bail!

Finally, once these vacancies are filled with “we the people” there will be a new definitive order to law and order. Quid Pro Quo will become Quid Pro Quo No Mo.

Remember, when all these idiots claim that the 2nd Amendment is about “hunting” and no assault rifles and all the other talking points? Our forefathers weren’t bearing arms against buffalo herds and such. No, they were talking about defending themselves and ourselves against enemies of freedom, who now seem to be littered all over the landscape of this great nation of ours. And we will protect it from you and against you. So help us, God!