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In the days when there were honorable men working for the good of the people, it was more common for our representatives to work out their differences amongst themselves. Today, not so much. Instead, we have dishonorable men and women who have been appointed or elected to serve. The difference is, that they only serve themselves.

As we have witnessed during the past 20 years or more, there have been more attempts by those in power to subvert the system in order to have free reign and totally ignore not only the will of the people but also the rule of law. You can take it to the bank, whatever these people claim that their opposition is doing, is nothing but a projection of what they themselves are guilty of.

Sadly, the media in all forms, have taken sides and are nothing more than a mouthpiece and a parrot for all things that push the Democratic agenda. Look at education, taxes, religion, social issues, and freedom, just for starters. All the news folks issue the same headlines with the same stories, day-after-day-after-day.

There are remedies for most of these ills we’re facing today. Most of them will not be solved by merely voting. Voting did not stop this “insurrection”, did it? However, the person in charge of that insurrection did a poor job, because no elected officials were removed from office…that is, by force. On the other hand, this insurrection/coup that is going on today is a more well-organized job and the media giants are aiding and abetting it. The FBI raids Mar-a-Lago, DOJ releases bits and pieces and documents to media outlets and won’t answer to we-the-people. These folks are people of dishonor, who are hiding behind the skirts of freedom and liberty.

Now is the time for as many less than honorable, but not dishonorable men to rise and right this wrong that this nation is being subjected to. Less than honorable that they will be discreet, even ruthless, but not dishonorable and outright nasty. You know, lose some dignity and gain some respect!

There should be newly erected lampposts on the streets in front of every major news media building. And hanging on these lampposts, not hanging to kill, but hanging on display for ridicule. These corrupto-crats and thugs, FBI, DOJ, and countless other bureaucrats and oligarchs along with various news personalities. It appears to be okay for one such as Michael Vincent Hayden, a retired United States Air Force four-star general and former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency to proclaim that he thinks former President Donald Trump should be executed. Where’s the outrage? So don’t complain about my lampposts statement.

Let’s not forget how easy it is to create evidence against those who are perceived enemies or lawbreakers. Remember the pictures of the alleged documents that President Trump tried to flush down the toilet? Some reporter lady or photographers had a snapshot of a couple of toilets with some papers scribbled on and claimed they were the toilets from the Whitehouse and these were the papers Trump tried to flush.

Excellent, you won’t believe what I found. I just happened to discover a video of Rep. Adam Schiff, dressed as an elf and doing a dance for a Russian Spy. However, I can’t show the picture of the Russian Spy else, it would blow his cover. So you’ll just have to believe the picture that you do see.