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This article was first published on June 16, 2023.  Reprinted with permission from the author.

If it weren’t so pitiful, it would be funny, and if it weren’t so funny, it’d be pitiful. Every time I hear these characters mention the word “equality”, it triggers me. It makes me want to vote them out. (I can’t say what it does, but I don’t want to harm them)

So, about this equality kick, they’re on. I have some equality tips for them. I would like to see them on equal footing with us for a change. For example:

How about until the fuel situation is back under control, there will be no one in government allowed to travel using government funds. If one needs to travel, drive your own car and pay for your expenses, or if you need to fly, pay your own way. No more taxpayer money used to haul you around. Be like us…have some of that equality you so love.

How about until the food and logistics situations are back under control, SYADASU. You want to eat. Buy your own groceries. Shop for your own groceries. If you want to dine out, count your pennies. No more “per diem” wasteful spending. Remember, you love equality.

How about staying in DC until you get this mess you created straightened out?  No more stupid investigations, unless it is an investigation that explores what other wasteful things we do not know about.  No more TV face time and interviews. People are tired of seeing and hearing you and all your daily lies and babble. Damn your free speech. You damn ours.

How about this? While you’re trying to push this Drag Queen mess into our schools with these young kids, I suggest you idiots figure out what a woman is first. Look at some of the fine examples we have to look at that work in this administration. The government idiots are trying to make the people believe that the biggest enemy of the USA is white, straight Christian people. Yet, I haven’t seen any of these folks burning down buildings, crashing officials’ lawns, and threatening lives. Yeah, give us some equality. I dare you.

Lastly, I suppose most of us would believe some of this stuff if you, the selected and elected would act as if you believed it as well. You know the old adage…I’ll believe it’s a crisis when you start acting like there’s a crisis. Until then, give me some of that equality.

[*Note: if you want to see what they really mean, do an image search using the word “equality”. Equality is the last thing they would have for us!]