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Would you like to see what artificial intelligence looks like?  Attend or watch a broadcast of the Cleveland County Board of Education Meeting.  You will see.

Five puppets and a puppet meister.  All with matching personalities, agendas, talking points,  and shirts.  I thought the matching shirts were a nice touch.  Flaunting their style, indeed.

This six-pack of hacks is a sight to see.  Marching to their own beat as they administer a verbal beat-down to the rest of the board, as well as those in attendance who happen to participate by addressing this band of our betters.

And how about their record?  Yea, how about it?

The latest manipulation ploy was enacted at their July 24, 2023 meeting.  The Public Participation part of the meeting was moved to the end of the meeting, rather than continuing at the beginning of the meeting.  It remains to be seen if this will be temporary, as some have suggested.

Board members Danny Blanton and Ronnie Grigg were censured and had some of their privileges suspended because they had done some things without the puppet meister’s blessings/permission.

 The dishonorable chairman requested an LEO to remove a lady that was speaking to the board during Public Participation.  The thin-skinned chair was offended.  He wasn’t listening either, else he would have understood what the lady actually said.  So, he threw his weight behind his gavel and called for the officers to take her away.  And they didn’t!

The chairman is a bully and his blue-shirted cohorts are his mutual admiration society.  A little-known fact related to bullying issues is:

from: Leigha Sink lsink@sinkmediations.com
to: records@sunshinerequest.com
date: May 8, 2023, 12:04 PM
subject: Records Request re: All electronic communications related to “bullies”, “bullying”, “fights”, or “violence”. From 01/02/23 – 02/09/23.

To Whom It May Concern,

We are in receipt of the below public records request. However, the search has produced a result of over 3200 emails. Reviewing this much correspondence to ensure PII is not mistakenly shared would be a very time-consuming and burdensome process. Could anyone at the Sunshine Request Team assist in narrowing the scope of this request while still accomplishing the goal of the requestor?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Leigha Sink
Attorney for Cleveland County Board of Education

That’s 3200 emails in 39 days, which is approximately 82 emails per day. And they have been sitting on this information quietly. A wonderful thing is this transparency!

Has anything at all about these 3200 emails been mentioned by the board during these meetings?  You see, the board has the will to neglect things such as this because they have the power to ignore them.  They have the power to ignore it because they know there is no local media that will expose this band of bullies.  As has been the rule in years past, the school pays the local media for favorable coverage.  Take a look at the newspaper for an article about the school.  Many times, it’s nothing more than a public relations post, and written and submitted by the school administration or board.

There is a day of reckoning coming.  Maybe!  That is up to the people who vote.  Each board meeting should be attended by as many parents as possible.  There is strength in numbers.  Overwhelm them with your attendance and your voices.  Hold them accountable.  Be active in the community.  These guys already believe they’re the smartest people in any room in which they’re gathered.  Do your research and gather the facts.  Present them with assurance, that there is no wiggle room from the truth.