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[This is not to the incumbents. They already know what’s going on, and what is not!]

Now is the time for these candidates to declare their platforms and intentions so the people will know. Listing qualifications is fine, but that doesn’t reveal anything about your intent.

First, I would suggest to at least run on a platform of of integrity and transparency. That was tried by the incumbents last time, but so far, neither has been shown or displayed. So, in that arena, you are all running unopposed!

Second, I would presume the new candidates are concerned about bullying, violence, and other parental concerns, so you all will be attending meetings and become part of the public participation.

Third, there is an appearance of the deck being stacked. The old trojan horse, disguised as a primary election, which begins February 15, 2024 will allow the bullying issues to stay off the radar until at least the primary is finished. Why is that a concern? Because if this issue below is not addressed, the people won’t know and you could miss the cut, by losing votes due to unknown information being ignored.

A Public Records Request was filed back on February 16, 2023.

Months later, when the CCS officials acknowledged the request, the attorney for the CSSBOE stated that there were more than 3200 emails concerning this issue. Yet today, here we sit, with this issue that will drag on until March, 2024. (Screenshot below)

From May 11, 2023

From December 21, 2023 (filing to run for a CCBOE seat ended on December 15, 2023.)

Of course, this is only speculation on my part, related to the date of releasing the emails, but the rest of what you see/read are for all to see and documented, rather than speculation.

From now through the next 6 weeks would be a great time to share with the public and also confront the current board and administration with this issue. I don’t recall these 3200 emails being brought to light during a meeting that I’ve seen.

The time is now.