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Back in 2014 and 2015, Chairman Queen was sitting/standing on the other side of the dais, facing the board members, and the other administration officials who were sitting on the raised platform. He was a regular during public participation, and he had no problem airing his complaints and dissatisfaction with the board and the administration.

It was typical for Queen to complain about public documents that he had requested. Many times the requests were jumbled up, if not ignored, and rarely in compliance with what was requested. And when that happened, the former participant would become more intent on receiving what he had requested. He was never hesitant about calling the administration out and stating his opinion as to how things should be handled.

You will see in the documentation below, how Robert Queen has morphed from Queen to King in only one election cycle. On April 28, 2014, Queen stepped up to the podium and delivered the following words to the board and administration:

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Above, Queen acknowledged that he was one of the people who were keeping things stirred up. That’s nice to see because it validates what we already knew. This confirms it because it is in Queen’s own words.

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Just a few weeks ago, it was revealed from this news site that over 3200 emails were in the possession of this school board, received between January 2, 2023, and February 9, 2023. This information was found at Sunshine Request

Now that Queen is the King, he behaves differently now and is holding these emails, hostage. With assistance from the CCSBOE attorney, it will cost at least $175 to free these “specially formatted documents” into a specially “formatted file extension” in order to make them presentable on the “super specially priced Flash Drive”.

from: Leigha Sink@sinkmediations.com
to: records@sunshinerequest.com
date: May 8, 2023, 12:04 PM
subject: Records Request re: All electronic communications related to “bullies”, “bullying”, “fights”, or “violence”. From 01/02/23 – 02/09/23.

To Whom It May Concern,

We are in receipt of the below public records request. However, the search has produced a result of over 3200 emails. Reviewing this much correspondence to ensure PII is not mistakenly shared would be a very time-consuming and burdensome process. Could anyone at the Sunshine Request Team assist in narrowing the scope of this request while still accomplishing the goal of the requestor?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Leigha Sink
Attorney for Cleveland County Board of Education

There haven’t been any more questions or discussions at the two meetings held since this new information was released. Hopefully, all the interested parties related to the bullying issues will come forward and hold these board members accountable.

One more thing. Remember at the last BOE meeting and the board extended Superintendent Fisher’s contract for another year and gave him a nice little raise. And…the Chair +5 would not reveal the results of the vote count. However, just for the record, the vote count when Fisher was originally hired as Superintendent was: (6-3 and in Open Session)