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As the beginning of early voting nears, the incumbents have amped up their social media game, touting all the great things they’ve accomplished for the students and teachers of the Cleveland County School system.  Boasting of their transparency and their wisdom of really listening to the parents, and doing what the parents would have them do.  The little things, like breaking the law!

To review the deeds these incumbents have orchestrated lately, remember that with their deeds, others are implicated as guilty by association.  Let’s look!

First, there are two law enforcement officers, one current and one retired, who voted to break the law related to the school calendar.  In doing so, all six members who voted for this claimed that they were only doing what the parents had asked them to do.  These guys, who took an oath to not only enforce the law but also to uphold the law, have now implicated their boss, the Cleveland County Sheriff via his endorsement of them.

Second, another board member is a former teacher and military, who regularly gloats about his accomplishments.  He also had to take an oath as a member of the military.  And he willingly went along with the others who voluntarily broke the law.

Third, the Chairman, as well as the parliamentarian have taken oaths not only as board members on this board but on other boards and committees that they also serve.

Don’t be fooled by these people and their reckless disregard for the laws and their ethical standards, which they set for others, but not themselves.  If one would be interested, there are many videos of BOE meetings that show their indiscretions regularly.

If that isn’t enough to vote them out, take a look at all the money these guys have wasted.  Millions of dollars are thrown away.  There have been terrible construction issues that cost undue amounts of money, along with wasteful spending on their pet projects like merging schools, selling schools, etc.

They pay a firm to come in and tell the people there will be no growth, schools have fewer students, and on and on, yet then another group comes into town at a different venue and says the opposite.  And it’s all on video, in living color.

And the people that these six board members claim to be fighting for, have been threatened time and time again, to be silent, or face being ushered out by their LEO brothers, who have to sit there and observe the LEO on the board break the law while running roughshod over the parents there.

As I’ve said before, and will continue to say.  The best/easiest way to discredit these people is to quote them!