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Congratulations to the winners in the Cleveland County election.  To those that tried to subvert the will of the people…well, the people had their say.  To the Tea Party and the CCGOP, who had a hand in endorsements beyond their parties, congratulations.  You were exposed!

To the Cleveland County Commissioners, County Manager, and others…people said they are taxed enough.  People do not trust the school authorities with the funds they already receive.  Trusting them with even more is foolish.  Now, the Commissioners have shown that they cannot be trusted either.

If nothing else, this election proved to be a revelation of the character of those who lied and cheated in order to sway an election.  To those who were a part of this effort, I’d remind you that Liz Cheney will be out of work soon.  Maybe you can hire her to lead your next voting drive.

Lastly, may each of you reap a double portion of all that you have sown in regard to this election.