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According to the Shelby Star, Dr. Steve Thornburg, the Cleveland County Commissioners, the County School Board, along with the CCC Board of Trustees, has a grand vision for CCC.

So, what will this vision cost the taxpayers? Bottom line? And for how long? Everyone knows that when talking about constructing a new project, prices today will not be the same as tomorrow. Please tell us more about this project. I would like to hear from the Commissioners as to how they came up with the final decision, and how long they have been in discussion about it.

The Star states in the article that “County Commissioner Ronnie Hawkins called Wednesday’s meeting of the minds “unprecedented.” Others saw the three-board agreement as an excellent chance to synergize for the good of the community.” What does this actually mean? Was Hawkins opposed to this? Or did he vote for it? The closing paragraph of the article does not seal the deal, as to what all that was written really means.

The article also mentions a conference center. So, just where will that be built, as well as the additional parking for the college and the conference center? Parking was mentioned, but nothing, pardon the pun, concrete at the moment. Will any of this activity be conducted on any property that was previously used by the Cleveland County Fair? How about the lease that is up for renewal in 2010?

If I were someone in a leadership role in this city and/or county, and running for office, I would be very careful as to how business is conducted, simply because there is a fever breaking out in the area, and it’s called anti-incumbent fever. Lots of people feel that it’s time for not just change, but a specific change. Especially on the local level. A new bunch of leaders wouldn’t hurt at all. As a matter of fact, the only thing people would notice would be that things are running a little better.

For once, I hope that people will break from both parties and vote for the individual who is more apt to help the community. After all, neither party has a lock on integrity, so that should put to rest why one should vote for a straight party ticket. But for once, people, before you cast that vote for your local leaders, think about your future and the future of our citizens. We’re all in this together, Win or lose. So, let’s not try to lose this time.