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One would think that by having 2 law enforcement officers on the school board, there would be some solutions and interventions happening quickly. Of course, there are some 15 or so officers already on duty at one of the schools, which leaves other areas of Cleveland County short of attention and manpower. But that’s okay, you see. The chairman and the superintendent are busy working on a plan to keep the board members out of the schools unless they seek permission from the superintendent. Maybe the other board members are afraid to visit the school because they know they’ll get an earful from the folks there. First things first.

Maybe the officer who was so adamant about getting his comments left out of the minutes, and, you know, only releasing what is “lawful”…speaking of lawful, how about that law the board doesn’t like regarding the date that school starts back? You know, the law that they’re breaking, and willing to break. So, they’d rather pick and choose, right?

And there’s one other board member who was against the comments being in the minutes, but yet he goes on Facebook and posts some of his comments from the meeting the night before, just in case someone would like to read them. Another member says it should be all or none as for the comments in the minutes. Of course, that wasn’t really what he meant. It was meant in order to keep the boat steady.

The best solution for this fighting mess in the schools would be to hold the parents accountable since the offenders are minors. We can’t have that juvenile justice, can we? This board of education, at least the majority, seems to be afraid of losing a dollar in funding. And they seem to forget that the superintendent serves AT their pleasure, rather than them serving AS his pleasure.

Do these board members want the schools to shut down as they did when Covid was running rampant? It would be a surefire way to dodge responsibility. The board is not serving the students or the citizens of Cleveland County. They are serving their own interests and the interests of the superintendent.

I have in my possession 4 posts that foretell these events, which threaten multiple fights and possible weapons in some Cleveland County Schools. I will not post them at this time due to this “copycat” syndrome that abounds because the school fails to act directly and responsibly.

How much more violence in schools will it take in order for these elected officials to actually acknowledge and respond? Acting as if nothing is happening will not make this go away. Will someone have to die before an official actually stands up and takes charge? The silence is deafening.