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After making news headlines not only locally, regionally, and state-wide, this board Chair +5 has crossed the pond and made the news in the United Kingdom.  In a show of solidarity with the pranksters, Chair +5 decided to censure the board members who spoke to the media about this fiasco.  The pranksters were even allowed a front-row seat at the meeting in which the censured board members were castigated for what they did, rather than the students, principal, etc. (the actual culprits responsible for the vandalism)

The board majority has voted in lockstep in all things that would be detrimental to the remaining 3 members.  The majority has an “air of superiority” about them, that hovers over them like a cloud of smoke in a dive bar.  Many people are outraged by their behavior and are openly discussing it on social media sites.

Some parents are talking about removing their children/grandchildren from Cleveland County Schools and placing them in charter schools.  Now that more bad news has been revealed concerning this board, the damage is piling up and it’s making it difficult to impossible for the board to keeping denying the things that they have failed to even acknowledge.  Such as…bullying.

On May 30, 2023, it was revealed here that the Cleveland County Board of Education, along with the superintendent and the board lawyer, was in receipt of over 3200 emails, related to “bullies”, “bullying”, “fights”, or “violence”.  However, the answer to the public records request was sent on February 17, 2023.  The school and lawyer waited almost 3 months to even acknowledge the request.

And today, the powers-that-be still sit on those emails.  They will turn them over for a mere $175.  And that’s for digital copies, for which there should be no charge, legally.

So, what is the next move by this board?  It is evident that the majority will always follow the chair, regardless of all else.  Many people think and even a few have stated in public and on TV that the censuring done to members Danny Blanton and Ronnie Grigg was a setup and planned.  This chair and his cohorts have made it plain that Blanton was their target.  Then Grigg won and he became a target.  My advice to Aaron Bridges…watch your back.

Finally, the people have plenty of evidence to question this board about.  Now is the time for it to happen.  Stand your ground and don’t take no for an answer. They’ve already proven they are cowards and bullies.  Hours of videos of meetings will prove just that!