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I remember when I was in the 7th grade, my teacher would regularly say to our class, “results, not excuses”.  Even as 12 yr old kids, we knew exactly what she meant.  Not only were we taught about different subjects in her classes, she also taught us about discipline and behavior.  I don’t recall any of my teachers ever coming into class and discussing their personal issues or ideas with the class.  No, it was all strictly educational, and the lessons were kept inside the boundaries that were already set before us.  Discipline was rarely discussed directly because as students, we already knew what was expected of us.  In our small community, many of our teachers were friends with our relatives, and in those days, parents of friends were allowed and expected to discipline us as if we were their own children.  What does that have to do with today?  Read on.


Today, as we’ve seen, heard, and read about the violence going on within the walls of our school buildings, there is very little being communicated to the public.  It’s as if it’s not really going on.  The superintendent and most of the board members have decided that the school board members must have permission to visit the schools and arrange certain times with the leaders there.  That’s all well and good, except for the fact that it’s a ridiculous policy.  The chairman seems to think it would be a distraction and such.  As if fighting and violence and threats aren’t.  No, the distraction is the superintendent, the chairman, and a few other members who are offering excuses and no results.

I have a feeling that if some of the funding would stop, so would a lot of these issues.  As it is, schools can never have too much funding.  Money cures everything, whether justified or not.  Things such as wasted purchases and construction projects.  More money means more waste.

We continuously see that this Cleveland County Board of Education always has the answer to the questions that are asked between themselves.  It’s rare that these folks will answer or can answer any questions asked by the public in regard to the school, policies, and other things that they would rather ignore.  Their committees reign supreme and what they say goes.  The chairman has already stated that as long as he’s chairman, and 5 people out of 9 vote for him, they will do things his way.  And that’s what we’re seeing today.  His way!  And how’s that working out?  As long as the current chairman stays in place, along with his cohorts, there will be nothing but excuses, because thus far, results have been forbidden.