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We’re discovering that school safety is just the banner that flies above the mental health issues that lie beneath the crux of the situation.

Schools are filing class action lawsuits against various Social Media outlets because the schools will need more money to hire the mental health professionals that are now needed to maintain the many troubled youth groups.

You will discover that schools are providing “resources” to students, that if found in the homes, the parents would likely be arrested for having sexually suggestive materials within reach and sight of minors.  It appears that indoctrination is afoot and it’s a nationwide problem.

Nationwide, just over half of all public school systems say they can effectively provide mental health services to students in need according to the National Center of Education.

Social media competes with the school system as to the information that is kept on individuals.  Students are tracked daily, (by the school) and even some are tracked when away from school property!

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