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On February 15, 2024, just a little more than 6 weeks away, the early voting will begin for the Primary Election.  Particularly in the County Commissioner and the School Board primaries, it would be wise to research the new candidates, as to their party affiliations.

As most voters should know by now, a candidate having an R by their name doesn’t always reflect their true political identity.  It’s akin to this new pronoun rage…how do you identify, or what do you identify as?  Simply because someone may claim, identify, or even register as a Republican does not mean the person is a believer in their party’s platform.

An uninformed voter is more dangerous than a dishonest politician!  This Primary Election coming up in March, with the early voting beginning in February, will be a mandate set by the people of Cleveland County.

The Commissioners are spending a fortune on things that are still stalled out.  Last time I checked, no money trees were growing in Cleveland County or downtown Shelby.  The Board of Education is a caricature, with the Chair+5 continuing to behave like bobble-headed parrots.  Occasionally, they’ll even don those Power Blue shirts, to accent their roles and cohesiveness.  However, as has been seen in the past, the heat brought about by the voter in the booth, can break that cohesive stronghold and peel the Power Blue shirts off their perches.

Now, I will not share the names or results here.  I will post the link below and you can search for yourself.  This will be your decision and yours alone.  Whether you change your mind or stay committed to your choice of candidates, at least take a look.

I will say again, An uninformed voter is more dangerous than a dishonest politician!

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