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As many have witnessed, either by attending the meetings or watching the videos online, it is very evident that the Majority + 1 wants you to fear them.  They know that the people will not respect them, so fear is their currency.  You know, like bullies.   That’s why they sit there and sneer and smirk and dare you to say something.  Their body language agrees with their thoughts and actions.  Their job is to rule and your job is to sit back and shut up.

This little club of wokesters are not the only board that behaves this way.  The Cleveland County Commissioners are becoming clones of the board of education.  Actually, they are enabling the CCBOE by giving the system more money to waste.  The County has tried to raise the sales tax several times, only to be voted down by the people.  Yet, they find a large sum of money to give to those who are so wasteful.  And these commissioners are now being seen in the meetings and their videos, as they sit and sneer at the people speaking.  The chairman looks as though he is perpetually perturbed, from gavel to gavel.

I discovered a website recently that makes public records requests for those who would like some assistance in doing so.  While browsing around there, I discovered that someone had filed a request asking for public records from the Cleveland County School School system, in regard to bullying, violence, and crime within and throughout the school system.  I don’t recall the dates that were requested, but it was about a month of records that were requested.  The request was made on February 17, 2023.  No response from the Cleveland County Schools as of yet…more than a month since first requested.

Again, this shows that the Superintendent and the Board Majority +1 have no intention of addressing or acknowledging this issue.  The board and superintendent seem to have the attitude that the parents are terrorists, as these leaders have adopted the attitude of the Democratic administration in Washington.

The Majority +1 has also implemented a Public Records Request Form that is unlawful, according to statutes laid out by the State of North Carolina.

From the Public Records Request site:

I have now reviewed the form link you provided. I’d like it noted that by Law senders are not required to provide a name, address, reason, or other personally identifying information, in order to make a public records request. The form you’ve sent asks senders to fill out the following “required” fields:

– Full name of person issuing the request for information
– Residential address of person issuing the request
– Email address of person issuing the request
– Phone number of person issuing the request
– A brief, specific description of the record requested

I would like to suggest that CCS reviews their current records process and any forms to ensure you are processing all requests in accordance with NC Public Records Law.

It’s time that more parents became involved, and gather enmasse and demand not only accountability, but transparency. Accountability and transparency not only with the bulying and violence issue, but also their wasteful spending and reckless attitudes toward the parents of the students and the public in general.

It hasn’t been that long ago (2009) when Burke County was having similar issues with a few of their school board members. Guess what? The people flooded the meetings, had their say and then went to the polls and threw them ALL out.

We will continue to monitor this bullying situation and what the Cleveland County Schools Administration and Board of Education may or may not do. In the meantime, it’s time the parents fill these meetings enmasse and stand upi to these adult bullies, at least until the opportunity arrives when you can vote them out.