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Where is the transparency these folks like to boast about?  Having admitted that more than 3200 emails / communications related to bullying, violence, and fighting, the Communications Director has an entirely different take on this mess than their hired attorney.  Unfortunately, neither of them appear to be aware of what is /has actually been said and not said.  However, since these conversations have taken place on a public forum online, everyone can see this “transparency” in living color.

As can be seen in the pages that make up the dialogue between Cleveland County School Board  (their lawyer, the communications director, and another senior administrator) and the Sunshine Request Team, it becomes very evident, from the first response from the CCS system that they are making things up as they go.

This saga began on February 17, 2023 (maybe earlier).  One thing I can say about the responses received from the public requests…they are consistently inconsistent.  We will give you a break-down of some of these questions and answers, but to view the entire conversation, you can go here, or scroll through the documentation below.

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