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There are 185 days required to complete a school year, attendance-wise.  One-half of that would be 92.5.

So, as the incident report email indicates, this is said to have been about the halfway point of the school year, as indicated in the screenshot below. (hopefully “year to date” means the date from the first day of school, rather than the first day of the year) The email itself can be seen here.

So, one-half of 185 days, being 92.5 would equal approximately 70.075 incidents per day.  Interesting, no?  Now, with all the other pertinent things such as reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic, along with social-emotional learning, diversity, equity, mental health, and gender issues…plus school safety, bullying, etc, those 72+ daily incidents could be distracting.

A little info re: bullying.

And fighting in the bathroom.

And the Admin and the Super want to get this Option 3 taken care of as to when school will begin!

These are but a few issues, but more to come.  We’ll also take a look at the politics that go on within the school system and the outside influences the public should be aware of.

Files, links, and documents

Emails here.


Fighting in bathroom

Option 3